How To Recover The Password Of Hacked Bigpond Account?

The password plays an important role in ensuring the overall security of your email account. The big pond is one of the exclusive webmail services, ideal for mailing use. It provides all the necessities associated with mailing applications. It is very popular amongst its users. But the thing is that, just like other email applications, it has not surpassed the inevitability of developing errors from time to time. Hacking has emerged as a trending crime in the internet world and is quite lethal in nature.

So if you are the recent victim of this crime and want to recover your hacked account, Password recovery is one of the viable methods. Here, with Bigpond Support Australia, we will provide the steps obtained from the experts as described below:

  • First, Tap open the browser in your system and visit the home page of the application.
  • Once, you see the home page, you would see the login option. So, just tap on the text field of the username tab and type the user ID.
  • In case, you fail to remember your password, tap on the forgotten password option beneath the login tab.
  • After this, you would be directed to the next window and in that, you would be asked to enter the username and date of birth.
  • Once, you enter the credentials, it would provide you the option of changing the password.
  • Proceed by clicking on the yes option and you would get a recovery password link in your email that you have entered before.
  • The next obvious step is to visit your mail and tap open that message received. It would prompt open a window so that you can enter the new password and re-enter for confirming it and tap ok.
  • Finally, your password is fully recovered. 

If you face further problems, even after executing the above-mentioned steps, then, it’s better to have the professional’s guidance by calling the Bigpond technical support number and you would get verbal guidance of the entire mentioned procedure. It is possible to reach the team through live chat or the email service and the team concerned would get back to you with a suitable solution.