How To Upload Videos On Yahoo?

Yahoo is the highly acclaimed webmail application. It is specialized in providing a web portal, internet communication services, and other crucial online mapping services. It enables you to experience multiple things at one platform. It has continuously evolved through new features and services. One such unique feature is the video application. In yahoo, you can upload videos via Flickr. There is a scope of uploading a lot of videos even with 1 TB of space.

Since Flickr is a product or service used by yahoo; you only require your yahoo account for using it. Each video can only be sized up to 1 GB and is playable for only three minutes. Here, with the technical expertise of Yahoo Customer care service Australia, we will provide an outline on how to upload videos.

In the below steps, we will guide you on how to upload videos through Flickr on Yahoo

  • First, click open the official website of Flickr with a new web browser or window.
  • Proceed by clicking on the sign-in link to the top right side of the home page. This would prompt open the yahoo sign-in page.
  • Now initiate the upload by tapping on the upload link to the top right corner, before a search box.
  • This would help to load a black page. All the photos and videos from the PC would be dragged here for uploading.
  • To upload, locate the video files on your PC. For this, choose and drag them to the upload page.
  • Similarly, you can also upload the videos through the Flickr mobile app. This is possible by launching the app on your mobile device.
  • After getting access to the preferences window, tap open the auto-upload option, to display the auto-upload settings list.
  • Finally, enable the auto-upload feature. Once, enabled all your images and videos from past, present, and future stored on the mobile media gallery would be uploaded to Flickr.

Thus, the process is quite hassle-free. But if the problem persists, you can contact the yahoo support helpdesk. The certified tech executives are operational during the business days and hours to troubleshoot the related issues as described above.