How to Send an Email as a Text Message from Gmail?

Gmail is the most advanced email service provider of present time.  When it comes to counting on its benefits, the list is endless.   It is known for security, customization, you can manage multiple accounts using its services, easy access to multiple apps with single gmail account with one username and password. Google drive, Google + to name a few.  First you learn What You need to Send Text Massage from Gmail, you will need to phone number and code of carrier email for your recipient. Keep in mind that, while you can easily send SMS messages of 160 characters or less to most carriers, attempting to send pictures, videos, or long messages via email-to-text won’t work for many phones.

 Here, with the technical expertise of Gmail Customer Service Phone Number, we will provide a brief outline on how you can text using Gmail in the following steps.  The certified trainers will help you to provide the best resolution in the most effective manner possible:

  • First, in order to convert email message into text messages, you need to know both the recipient’s phone number and carrier email code.
  • Then open the Email2 SMS website from the computer’s web browser.  This site will help you to determine the email code to be used.
  • Then, scroll down the search list page that appears, and then select your country’s name from the drop down list that pops up.
  • Then, to the right of the selected country textbox, you will find a carrier textbox, in it manually type the name of your recipent’s carrier.  Proceed by typing sprint if the recipient uses so.
  • Finally, under the gateway heading, preview its result. Scroll down your mouse, to check the result concerned.
  • Now to text it from Gmail, log in to it, using the username and password when asked.
  • Located to the left, click on the compose + button, to receive a new message on the right side of the page displayed.
  • Under new message dialog box, enter the 10 digit mobile number in the “to” field to deliver the messages to the recipient selected.  Proceed by adding the email code and press the send option.
  • Type the message under 160 characters, if it is intended for sending as SMS Text Message. Otherwise, it will be in EMS form that may not be supported by the recipient.

Therefore, with the help of above troubleshooting steps it is very easy to send text using Gmail.  Though the steps remain the same whether you do from your desktop or mobile.  There is slight variation in mobiles as there are various pre-installed icons or apps to select.  For further assistance, you can always contact the Gmail Support Number as mentioned above.