How To Block Spam On Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo is an integrated website that acts both as internet portal and email platform as well. It provides easy access to millions of online sites.  It has also made foray into other arenas like Yahoo finance, travel, games, groups or messenger.    Yahoo mail and the search engine remain its two top notched services.  However, the application is prone to make technical glitches. Some of them are related to yahoo password recovery, too much incoming spam mails, difficulty in sending or receiving spam mails, failed download of important attachments, IMAP server settings and many.

Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge lies in finding a common solution to all.  Here, with the technical expertise of Yahoo Customer Service, we will provide some steps on how to block spam emails on yahoo since it is notorious for unsolicited practices like sending videos and promotional ads to the inbox.

  • Since spam services use dynamic mail addresses to avoid detection. In such cases, try deleting it on desktop or mobile.
  • Click open the yahoo inbox.  If you are not logged in, enter the email address and password when asked.
  • Third, there is a need to upgrade to new yahoo version.  For this, Tap on the upgraded inbox link at the bottom of the page.
  • Click open the spam email.  Proceed by copying its email address.  Make sure to avoid brackets in it.
  • Once you select the settings option, located on the top right side of the page.
  • This would prompt open a drop down menu list. Then, further at the bottom, continue by clicking on more settings option in order to open the respective window.
  • To the left side of the page, click on security and privacy tab option. In it, to the right of block addresses,   press on +add option.
  • Proceed by entering the spam email address in the text field concerned.
  • Finally, finish the process by clicking save option. This is to prevent further emails from reaching your personal inbox.

Therefore, with the help of above troubleshooting steps, blocking spam messages on yahoo seems like a cakewalk. For additional query, you can reach to its dedicated customer support team.  You can take the help of its live chat support services to assist you instantly.