How To Solve Bigpond Wi-Fi Related Issues?

If you are also getting upset with your Bigpond Wi-Fi issues, then no need to get bother anymore. Because, here, in this content, we are going to tell you the proper ways for solving the Wi-Fi related issues in just no time. If you also want to get the solution, then without waiting for anything, move to the blog right now.

The steps for solving the Bigpond Wi-Fi related issues are provided below. You are required to move to the steps one by one so that you don’t face any kind of difficulties at the ending of the blog. Now, without thinking anything, just move to the steps;

  • First of all, you are required to  restart your computer.
  • Then after doing so, you are required to reset the wireless modem to the factory settings.
  • Next, you are required to use a paperclip.
  • You are required to press that and hold the reset hole which you can easily find at the back of the modem.
  • You are suggested to now do it for atleast 15 seconds.
  • After doing so, you are required to wait for 2 to 5 minute.
  • Finally, you are suggested to connect the modem in a proper way.

We hope this blog helps you in solving the WiFi related problem of your Bigpond account. But, if still, you need some assistance regarding Bigpond or if facing some other problem related to Bigpond, then you are required to reach the website and there look for the blogs. Also, if you want, you can report the problem to the helpdesk of Bigpond. There, you are suggested write the required issues in the given space. After that, the team will assist you the solution that you need for the Bigpond issues. Otherwise, you can directly contact on  Bigpond Support Australia for help. So, you are required not to get worried, just reach the experts and get the solution as soon as you want.